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Kentucky Lemon Law Lawyers

Our lemon law lawyers can help you. Every state has a lemon law and Kentucky has one of the best in the nation. If your headache is a lemon, we can fix that. Our lemon law lawyers are specially trained to make the law work for you. Lemon Law is what we do.

lemon law tow truckUnder the Kentucky Lemon Law, if your auto is a lemon, you are entitled to either your money back or a new replacement auto. In addition, the manufacturer may be required to pay your Kentucky lemon law lawyer fees.

Manufacturers will do almost anything to avoid refunding your money or replacing your auto. With one of our Kentucky lemon law lawyer professionals at your side, you can get what you deserve. Our lemon law lawyers in KY have the answers you need.

The Kentucky Lemon Law covers cars, trucks, and vans. Other vehicles such as RV's, motorcycles, and boats are covered by other laws. Our KY lemon law lawyer can help you in these situations as well.

The Kentucky Lemon Law can be a valuable tool in the hands of a knowledgeable KY lemon law lawyer. So if you're a Kentucky consumer stuck with a true "lemon" auto, and a car manufacturer won't stand by its product—contact our lemon law lawyers in Kentucky today!

Lemon Lawyers to Protect You

Burdge Law Firm serves the Northern Kentucky area along with all other areas of Kentucky including Lexington and Louisville. No matter where you are in Kentucky. give us a call for all your free Lemon Law help.

Burdge Law Office serves the Dayton, Ohio area along with all other areas of Ohio including Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Akron, Toledo and Lima. No matter where you are in Ohio give us a call for your free case review.

Burdge Law Office also practices in all Indiana federal courts.



Lemon Law Test

Think you have a case? Take our Lemon Test and find out! Click YES if during the first year or 12,000 miles...

Has the same problem been worked on 4 or more times without getting fixed?
Has the same defect kept your vehicle out of service for a total of 30 or more days?
During the life of your warranty...
Did you give the dealer a reasonable number of chances to get all your problems fixed, but some still exist?
Did you give the dealer a reasonable amount of time to get all your problems fixed, but some still exist?
Have you reached the point where your faith in the reliability of the vehicle is shaken and you no longer trust it?

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