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Kentucky Lemon Law

Kentucky has a “lemon law” to help consumers get a new vehicle or their money back. If you own a defective motor vehicle you may have the legal right to get a new car or your money back. Or if you may want to keep your vehicle and just get back some of your money. It is your choice. Let one of our Kentucky lemon law lawyers review your case for free and tell you what your rights are.

Kentucky Used Car Law

The Federal Lemon Law Covers Used Cars in Kentucky. The Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act was the first “lemon” law ever passed and it can cover your used car in Kentucky and our Kentucky used car Lemon Law lawyers know how to use it. If you get any written warranty at all from your dealer when you get your used car, then this Federal Warranty law protects you too.

Motorcycles, ATV's, RV's, and Lemon Boat Laws In Kentucky

If you have a lemon motorcycle or a lemon ATV, Lemon Boat, or Lemon RV then in Kentucky the Federal Lemon Law can cover you. Under the Federal Lemon Law you may be entitled to damages or your money back. If the manufacturer does not agree to do it, then you can also make them pay your attorney fees if you have to fight them in court.

Contact us today about getting your case reviewed to see what rights you have.